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Diana & Ken.

it’s great to be back Home.My wife and I were raised here in Homer. My Grandparents Homesteaded out east end in 1955 and our families came up the Al-Can HI-way in 1963 and 1968. Diana and I were great friends through Jr. High and High School and both moved from the State in 1970. Fate brought us back together one day in the Anchorage International Airport in 1973, both on our way to Homer to visit friends and Family. We were married in 1974 in Spud and Vel Dillon’s home just out East End Road.

Well, after a stint in the Navy (operating Nuclear Submarines) and a job in Southern California (Raising Kids) we decided it was time to come home and do something fun…

So, we are opening an Electronic Repair Mobile Service… You know, where we come to your Home of Business and fix your Computers, TVs, Entertainment Systems, Smart (or maybe not-so-smart) Phones and other such Electronic Gadgets. Most likely for a lot less than what it would cost you to buy New….
So, here we are…

Just like to say Hi..
and hope to see you soon…


What We Do:

Electronic Components Repair Service

We repair your Electronic Devices, Equipment and Systems*

*-see below

  1.  Component / System problem identification using the latest techniques and equipment.
  2. Component replacement, black box or card replacement, operational software – hardware replacement, virus / malware removal, mechanical parts repair / replacement
  3. Returning your equipment / system to manufacture specifications.
  4. Reassemble your equipment / system to as found configuration.

Installation, Tuning and Maintenance Service

We can Install, Tune and Maintain your Electronic Devices, Equipment and Systems*
  1. Definitions:1
    1. Install – to place, connect and make operational to component, system and software operating specifications.
    2. Tune – to adjust component, system and / or software parameters for providing superior system and component performance.
    3. Maintenance – Clean, inspect and reinstall / retune to maintain established performance and extend service life.
  2. Install and configure new or used electronic components in existing home or office systems / networks.
  3. Install new electronic home or office networking systems and components.
  4. Install new entertainment video and / or audio components for home entertainment.
  5. Install office video and / or audio components / systems for enhanced office communication and / or training.
  6. Tune home or office components / systems for enhanced / superior performance.
  7. Maintenance on home or office components / systems to retain performance and extend service life.

Buying Service / Purchasing Service

Help You Find and Purchase Your Electronic Devices, Equipment and Systems*
  1. Gather your usage needs and performance desires.( Consultation) 
  2. Determine your work / usage environment’ (i.e… Installation location, power availability, system deliverable environment, possible interfacing devices, portability requirements etc…
  3. Determine your budget, resources, trades…
  4. Compile all of the information to determine a baseline for finding the required component(s) / system(s).
  5. Identify multiple components / systems matching the baseline requirements for presentation to you.
  6. Provide a written proposal to you with detailed and user-friendly information on the selected component(s) / system(s) with our recommendation selection scaled to aid you in making your purchase. This data to include when, where and how to make the purchase.
  7. Optional: Obtain the funding from you and have the selected component(s) / system(s) purchased and delivered to your home.

* Electronic Devices, Equipment and Systems: – Electronic Appliances, television, stereo/surround sound audio, internet connected entertainment, integrated entertainment remote controls, satellite receiver systems, computers, laptops, tablets, printers, monitors, smart phones, network servers, wireless servers, antennas, connections and wiring.  All Makes, All Models. Devices, Equipment and systems / networks can be wired and / or wireless.  

See our Price List for specific equipment task descriptions.

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